Liminal Team

The Liminal team are:

  • Paul MitchenerThat’s me. I’m the game designer and writer behind Liminal. Other recent RPG products include Age of Anarchy, Age of Arthur, Hunters of Alexandria, Logres: Land of the Saxons, Starfall, Wolf’s Head, and work for the Mindjammer RPG.
  • Becky Annison is our resident werewolf expert, and is naturally enough writing about werewolves for Liminal. She is the award winning designer of When the Dark is Gone and Lovecraftesque (with Josh Fox). She recently Kickstarted Bite Me!, a game of werewolf pack dynamics. You can find Becky’s work at
  • Richard August has worked for Modiphius on their Conan and Infinity games, and has written Necromancer, an urban fantasy setting, for Cortex Prime. Richard is writing some locations and adventure case notes for Liminal.
  • Fil Baldowski (aided and abetted by her husband Paul) is the creator of the All Rolled Up gaming accessories such as roll up dice bags with many designs and fabrics, and dice trays, such as the one available as an extra for Liminal. You can find All Rolled Up here:
  • Paul Baldowski is the mind behind the Cthulhu Hack, and has made contributions to several game lines including Paranoia and Night’s Black Agents. He also writes and produces resources for the game Symbaroum at the Iron Pact. He’s writing about magicians in Liminal, and some cases and locations,
  • Jason Behnke is the artist behind the beautiful pictures in Liminal. His previous work in the field of RPGs includes the art in Age of Arthur, and many pictures in Legend of the Five Rings. You can find Jason’s work at

  • Neil Gow is writing Liminal sourcebooks about London and the ghost courts of Newcastle, as well as cases and locations for the game. His RPG designs include Duty & Honour and Beat to Quarters and he is a veteran of the CCG industry. He’s applied the latter talent to carefully pick apart the Liminal game mechanics. You can find Neil’s work at
  • Stephanie McAlea is a veteran cartographer, and the mind behind Stygian Fox Publishing. You can find her maps in a variety of books, including numerous Call of Cthulhu publications, Age of Arthur, and 2300AD. She’s our map artist for the book. You can find some of Stephanie’s cartography and design work here:
  • Guy Milner edited the main book, and will continue this onerous task for some of the supplements, He is also writing a book on vampires. He’s the author of the second case in the main Liminal book, and will be writing more cases and locations for the game. Guy has a blog on running RPG one-shots at
  • Newt Newport is the head honcho of d101 games, and the writer and producer of many fine games, settings, and adventures, including OpenQuest, Crypts and Things, and Monkey. I’ve worked with him on some of these. He will be writing some locations and cases for Liminal, and a major adventure supplement. You can find d101 games here: